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Gankster abassador program

Empowering competitive gaming communities, creators, and leaders through technology.

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how it works

To support the competitive gaming ecosystem as a whole, we’re teaming up with prominent communities and individuals who want to leverage our technology to give back to their community, while being compensated for their efforts.

WHO CAN apply


Apply if you have a competitive gaming Discord server focused on structured play, scrims, lft/lfp, tournaments, etc.


Apply if you're a competitive gaming creator with a large following.


Apply if you have a voice in the competitive gaming community and want to use it to improve the community.


We're open to new ideas for collaboration. If you have a strong following and think you can make a splash, reach out.


The Gankster Ambassador Program is a partner program to support the competitive gaming ecosystem through technology and to compensate prominent communities and individuals so they can use their voice to the betterment of the industry. 

Email [email protected] and mention your community, your role in it, relevant links, as well as description of why you feel you fit the program. 

Compensation varies depending on your community’s size and following. Every application will be individually evaluated.

Please note that not all applications may be eligible for compensation, but can still benefit from our technology and be evaluated again in the future. 

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We care deeply about the competitive gaming scene and we want to see it grow.

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If you want to get in touch the old fashioned way, shoot us an email to [email protected]