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How to Prepare for VALORANT Premier with Your Team

VALORANT Premier (VP) is an exciting new way for you to showcase your skills and compete with friends. This innovative competitive mode allows players to form teams and participate in scheduled matches against similarly skilled opponents no matter their experience level, with the potential to earn rewards, rank up, and even qualify for major tournaments. 

VALORANT Premier’s Open Beta kickoff is just around the corner with week 1 matches starting this Saturday, April 29th, and your team can already sign up to compete. Whether you’re a seasoned VALORANT enthusiast or a newcomer to the game, Gankster can help you prepare for the VP and get started on your journey to success. We’ll give you some tips on how to prepare for the VP with your team, and how Gankster can help you along the way. Let’s get into it.

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Having a Consistent Roster

An important aspect of preparing for the VP is to have a consistent roster of five players who can communicate well and play different roles so that you can build chemistry, synergy and confidence as a team.

To have a consistent roster, you need to find players who share your vision, values and goals as a team. You also need to find players who complement each other’s skills and abilities, and can play different agents, weapons and strategies. You need to find players who are reliable, committed and motivated.

Gankster can help you find players who fit your roster with our “Look for Players” (LFP) by allowing you to post a LFP where you can identify the roles you need to fill on your team. Once you’ve posted on our LFP board, we recommend sharing your post on social media and Discord.You can also browse our “Looking for Team” (LFT) page where you’ll find thousands of players already looking for a squad. . 

Through our LFT and LFP features, you can filter by region, rank, role and availability, and contact new recruits directly through chat. You can also view player stats, highlights and reviews, and invite them to try out for your team.

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The Importance of Practice Matches

Playing practice matches or scrims with other teams is arguably the most important part of preparation for the VP. Scrims are friendly matches that allow you to test your skills, strategies and teamwork against other players. Scrims can help you improve your communication, coordination and execution as a team, and also help you learn from your mistakes and discover new ways to play the game.

However, finding scrims can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a network of contacts or a reputation in the scene. 

That’s where Gankster comes in. Gankster’s Scrim Scheduling system allows you to easily find and book scrims with other teams of similar skill level and region. You can choose from different modes, maps and formats, and schedule your scrims in advance. You can also rate and review your scrim partners, and get feedback from them as well. Sign your team up, and start booking scrims today.

Creating a Team Culture

When creating a team, you need to have a culture that fosters trust, respect and growth. A team culture is the set of values, norms and behaviors that define how your team operates and interacts. A good team culture can help you overcome challenges, resolve conflicts and achieve your goals.

To create a team culture, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish as a team, and communicate it to your teammates. You also need to establish roles and responsibilities for each member of your team, and respect their strengths and weaknesses. You need to support each other, celebrate your wins and learn from your losses. You need to be honest, constructive and accountable.

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Reviewing Your Matches

After you’ve had your practice matches the next important thing is to learn from your success and from your mistakes. Reviewing your matches to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a team. You can review plays that you made, strategize for the next game and identify agent and map combinations that benefit your teams – as well as cases that you need to avoid.

VALORANT provides you a detailed analysis of each match and kill so you can learn and collaborate together to improve your performance. You can watch replays of your matches on VALORANT and use the tools provided to analyze your gameplay. We recommend you spend time discussing past scrims and matches with your teammates, coach, or mentor to get different perspectives and insights.


Competing in an official setting like VALORANT Premier requires hard work and perseverance, but the payoff can be equally huge. You’ll improve as a player and team and experience many exhilarating moments that simply playing Ranked could never provide. Building a consistent roster, creating a team culture, practicing with scrims, and reviewing your matches are all essential steps in preparing for success in VP, and Gankster is here to support you and your team throughout this journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the next big thing in VALORANT, and start preparing for the VALORANT Premier today!