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Level up your esports team

Whether you're a professional organization or an aspiring team, gankster makes it easy to manage your daily operations.

Join our competitive network and discover relevant teams, schedule practices and analyze your matches.

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Easily manage your scrims

Gankster allows you to create your own network of teams so that you can easily book scrims with your desired opponents. We provide a real-time view of when the teams you practice with are available.

Gather insights from your matches

Track not only your official matches, but your scrims as well. Your matches database enable us to use ML to suggest playstyles and favorable matchups.

We want to help you improve your gameplay and find the best strategy for you.

Create events and sync with your teammates

Gankster helps you manage your team's schedule. We know managing your team's agenda can be hard, that's why we made your team calendar easy to use both for you and your teammates. Create team events and mark player availability in just 2 clicks.

Join our Community

We care deeply about the competitive gaming scene and we want to see it grow.

Join our discord server to share your thoughts and feedback (or just say hi!), and help shape the future of esports.

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