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Find Valorant Players – LFG

Whether you’re an experienced player or new to VALORANT, one thing that is shared across players is the desire to play with skilled players and positive minded teammates. There’s nothing more fun than queuing up in solo que and getting matched with 4 other players who communicate together to plan the attack, position defenses and coordinate abilities. When the communication starts pre-match when selecting agents that’s even better so you can make sure to get the best group composition for the map.

One of the ways to make sure you have the right team mates is to find the right players and add them to your party even before the match starts – this is where LFG (Looking for Groups) comes in. We’ll delve into how LFG works within the context of VALORANT and how it can help you rank up and meet new people.


How to Find Teammates in VALORANT:

  1. Posting an LFG:
    When you’re in need of allies, initiate an LFG post by heading on over to Gankster and creating a group. Players will be able to find you and play with you
Gankster LFG Dashboard
  1. Joining LFGs:
    If you want to join a group that aligns with your criteria or piques your interest, click the join button next to the party to initiate an invite request to the group. From here, the group leader can decide if you can join and will invite you in. You can send requests to multiple groups and join the one that best fits for you.


  1. Gameplay and Coordination:
    With your squad assembled, it’s time to play. VALORANT places heavy emphasis on communication, so make full use of voice chat which is included in the LFG group to devise strategies, relay enemy positions, and synchronize your actions.
    Staying on the same wavelength with your teammates will enhance your chances of victory.


  1. Friendships and Future Adventures:
    LFG isn’t just about finding teammates for a single game; it can also lead to enduring gaming friendships. If you enjoy your sessions with your newfound allies, consider adding them to your friends list for future VALORANT escapades.

Post Match Reviews

To make sure you always get paired with the best players and gain a reputation for yourself, make sure to leave a review at the end of the match. Reviews can range from “Great Skills”, “Good Communicator”, and maybe “Not the best player”, this way when you make a request to join a group – or start building one of your own, you can see who wants to join and showcase your own comradeship.

Reviews are only available when someone from your group has the Gankster app installed

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Benefits of LFG in VALORANT:

  1. Enhanced Teamwork:
    LFG facilitates the discovery of players who are committed to teamwork, resulting in more enjoyable and strategic matches.
  1. Skill Development:
    Playing alongside a consistent group allows for mutual growth and improvement, refining your abilities as a group.
  1. Reduced Toxicity:
    By selecting your teammates, you can steer clear of potentially toxic players and cultivate a positive gaming environment.
  1. Community building:
    LFG nurtures a sense of community within the VALORANT player base, fostering cooperation and camaraderie.