Building Your Valorant Team: How to Find Players

Assembling a strong Valorant team is a thrilling journey. It’s not just about grouping together a set of players; it’s about creating a synergy where each member’s strengths are amplified and weaknesses are covered by others. The process of finding teammates who not only share your passion for the game but also complement your playing style can be a rewarding undertaking. You’ll meet a variety of players, each with their unique strategies and perspectives on the game. As you play together, you’ll learn new tactics, understand different playstyles, and broaden your own understanding of Valorant. The excitement of seeing your team grow, improve, and start winning games together is a rewarding experience that makes this team building journey very rewarding.

Where do we find the players to team up with you? We got you covered with 3 surefire ways to find your next teammates!

Connect on Discord Servers


Discord is a global hub for gamers, making it an ideal platform to start your search for Valorant teammates. Almost every serious Valorant Server has a section dedicated for finding teammates called “LFT” or “LFP” (looking for team, and looking for player, respectively) depending if you want to start your own team, or are looking to join one yourself. There is also usually a sub-division for regions or ranks that can help make the search more accurate. Community moderated servers also enforce strict rules against toxicity, ensuring a respectful and enjoyable gaming environment.

We recommend the Valorant LFG Discord server – The largest server worldwide to find like minded team mates to play Valorant with.

Find the Discord Server here:


Post your team in Gankster


Gankster is the leading platform to find players for your team. You can post your team requirements and needs, from sentinels or smokes to IGLs, managers or coaches and Gankster allows you to connect directly to the player using chat. Finding players in the LFT board is also available where you have dedicated filters for regions, ranks and roles so you don’t need to scroll through posts but rather find the exact fit easily, to take your team to the next level. Gankster makes it easy for you to start your next team, or to find an already flourishing roster to add your skill to. Gankser has easy sharing links that you can post in discords and forums, serving as a central hub for you to amplify your reach to the wider community.


Share Your Team on Social Media


Social media platforms offer a vast network of potential teammates – be it Twitter, Threads, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit or Facebook. By sharing that you are looking to join a team on social media, or that you are starting your own team you can interact with the community and broadcast the message to reach more people. Sharing on social media can reach tens, or millions of people depending on how engaging your post is, how much it catches the eye and how creative you are. Gankster has you covered making it easy to turn any social post into a spectacle.

All you need to do is create your initial LFT post over at Gankster, just share the link – and the rest is magic. 

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Remember, building a successful Valorant team is about more than just finding players—it’s about finding the right players. Consider factors such as communication skills, playstyle, and attitude towards the game when choosing your teammates. With patience and persistence, you’ll be able to assemble a team that shares your passion for Valorant and is committed to achieving shared success. Happy gaming!