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Practical Guide for Setting up scrims for Valorant Premier Success

Part of mastering Premier is mastering scrims. Scrims are a way you and your team can practice against established teams to work on coordination, team play, and strategies that can help you succeed in your next premier match. Gankster is your home for great scrims and has plenty of resources to help push your team to the next level.

Setting up a scrim

First, you must make a team on Gankster (easily done on the website). After you have created your team and invite your friends to join, youre ready to start scrimming!

Head on over to the scrims section on Gankster, and you’ll see an area where you can begin to create your scrim post (or see other scrims that are available – we’ll touch on that soon).

Post LFS

Here you can choose what time you want to scrim, the settings (1 game, 3 games etc.), and what map you wish to scrim.

We recommend when practicing for premier, you only scrim the map that is playing that week, for optimal practice. This ensures that your team has its strategies down and is familiar with the map and how it plays. 


Finding a Scrim

You may also choose to find a scrim that is already posted on Gankster. In the scrims section, you will see a large list of teams that are looking for scrims, as well as their settings and maps. You can tailor your search so that you see exactly the kinds of scrims you want (you can filter by map, settings etc.)


Playing the scrim

After you have found a team to play against, it’s time to grab your teammates and jump into the game. Use Gankster’s chat feature to iron out the details with the other team, such as who to add from the other team to get the scrim started. Practice different strategies during the scrim and always learn from the rounds you play. There is no penalty for losing in a scrim, so don’t feel pressured. 


After the scrim

After the scrim is completed, take some time to review the VOD of the game (if you have recorded the game). VOD reviews help you understand mistakes your team may have made, as well as giving you the opportunity to review choices under more relaxed circumstances than in-game. The more you scrim, the better chance you have to succeed during your weekly premier games. For more training tips, check out this blog post on how to train on Valorant like a pro.

You may also take this time to review the enemy team on Gankster! 

Review match