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NOVA’s Journey to Becoming a Valorant Esports Manager

In esports, there are many stories of triumph as well as defeat. One individual’s captivating journey sheds light on the spirit of passion, innovation, and mentorship. In an interview, we delve into NOVA’s rise from a player to coach and up to an org owner sharing the stories and events shaping her path along the way.

Nova traces her Esports uprising back to the age of seven, with the game Rainbow Six Siege. As the years unfolded, her path evolved from a player to a coach during. “My journey began as a player with Rainbow Six Siege when I was just seven years old,” she recalls. “Over time, I shifted into coaching for the game and helping others get better.” These foundational experiences laid the groundwork for her subsequent ventures into Valorant by Riot Games.

Nova with the Valorant VQ team Women in Esports

Venturing into Valorant

The Birth of Victorem Sports and ValoQC

At the age of 16, she embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure that would redefine her role in esports. The establishment of Victorem Sports marked the beginning of their journey as a gaming community leader and manager. “I founded my own gaming community, Victorem Sports, where I managed fellow players and took care of various administrative aspects,” NOVA reflects. She created Victorem because she wanted to provide a safe and friendly environment to mentor others on their journey to becoming professional players. The entrepreneurial spirit led her to running it successfully for quite some time. Mentoring and caring for the players as well as engaging with other organizations broadened my view of esports and was a personal milestone in preparation for the next big thing.  She then left Victorem and created ValoQC. The task of running Victorem by herself at the age of 17 balancing work and school became too much, and she knew that any good entrepreneur has to know when to end a project. This endeavor solidified her commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a supportive gaming environment.

ValoQC, also known as the Quebec Valorant Cup, is a league reserved for players from Quebec, with the aim of promoting and supporting local players and organizations in Canada. Powered by several sponsors backing the project such as RedBull, Burny Media, Parro Info, A1 Simulation, HyperX, Tim Hortons, and Benny et Co., this project paves the way for a well-established competitive esports scene in Quebec, Canada. The Cup has a significant impact on the esports scene in Quebec, allowing local players to gain recognition and compete against other talented players. By providing a competitive platform and bringing together the best players from Quebec, ValoQC creates an environment conducive to the growth of esports and Valorant in the province.

Nova with the Valorant VQ team

NOVA brought her experience from coaching into her entrepreneurial approach which revolves around active listening and empathetic leadership. “Listening attentively is key to success in any field,” she emphasized. Her strategy for resolving conflicts emphasizes open communication and dialogues. “In instances where conflicts arose, I encouraged candid conversations to allow each person to share their perspective,” NOVA explained. A preference for direct verbal interaction over text-based exchanges reflects their belief in the nuanced emotions conveyed through speech. 

Continuing to develop her gaming community is NOVA’s main aspiration. “My goal was to provide a positive yet motivating environment for players to thrive,” she elaborated. NOVA’s insights into recruiting new members reveal a careful process that emphasizes shared values and a willingness to embrace feedback and not only review a player’s stats. “Identifying individuals who are eager to improve and receptive to feedback is crucial,” she underlined.

Nova with the Valorant VQ team2

A valuable asset in NOVA’s managerial tasks has come from Gankster, an innovative platform that simplifies the process of organizing scrims. “Gankster has been a real game-changer for me,” she states. Beyond its practical uses of easing the teams’ ability to book scrims and find players the platform fosters a sense of camaraderie among players and enhances the overall gaming experience and ability to practice (pracc) together.


NOVA’s Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Drawing from her rich experience, NOVA shares insightful advice for those looking to lead and grow within gaming communities. “Start small and focus on building a positive reputation in the community,” she suggest. Her approach involves nurturing a culture of camaraderie and shared accomplishments. “Setting goals and celebrating achievements not only motivates players but also brings the community closer,” she suggests.

NOVA’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of leadership, dedication, and community-building within the world of gaming. As her career continues, it offers guidance and inspiration to those seeking to pave their own path in Esports. 

Nova with the Valorant VQ team