How to train for VALORANT Premier – Like a pro 

Success in competitive VALORANT hinges not just on individual skill, but also on the team’s coordinated effort and well-rounded preparation. As a devoted team looking to win in Premier (while also having fun), your schedule must incorporate diligent training that’s optimized for the upcoming maps. We prepared a run down of all the different options for training you can choose from to secure the win.

The different ways to prepare include:

    1. Scrimming
    2. Aim Training
    3. Competitive Matchmaking
Premier Beta

Verified Scrims


Scrims are practice matches (pracc match) played by teams against each other for training purposes. Unlike casual or ranked games that players might engage in on their own, scrims are organized between teams and are used as an opportunity for structured practice.

In scrims, you can try out new strategies, refine your tactics, and improve coordination in a relatively low-stakes environment. This is because, unlike official matches or tournaments, the outcome of a scrim doesn’t impact your official standing or ranking. As such, scrims provide a critical practice space where the team can focus on improvement and preparation for upcoming tournaments or matches.


  • Teams are more coordinated and allows for better communication
  • Play both sides of the map
  • Safe space for new tactics


  • Need to schedule in advance
  • Popular time slots may be fully booked

Competitive Matchmaking

For those seeking an adrenaline-filled training session that mimics the pressure of a Premier tournament, Competitive Matchmaking is your answer. Jumping into these matches is as simple as clicking a button, sparing you the need to coordinate schedules. Furthermore, VALORANT’s skill-based matchmaking algorithm curates a balanced competition, pairing you with opponents at a similar skill level.

However, if you are focused on training, this is not your best option. Remember, in these matches, each player aims to climb the leaderboard and if you try something new that doesn’t work, your rank will be punished, or you may be flamed by teammates. A dominant performance may only allow you to experience half of the map, limiting your team’s practice. Lastly, map selection is out of your hands, potentially disrupting your aim to master a specific battleground – which should be your focus for premier.


    • Simulates competitive environment
    • Convenient match finding
    • Balanced player matchups


      • Rank can be negatively affected by experimentation
      • May only play one half of the map
      • No control over map selection
      • Team may lack coordination/communication

        Scrims Competitive
      Map Selection V X
      Book in advance V X
      Play full map V X
      Don’t lose MMR for losses V X
      Play against a competitive team V V

      Aim Training

      While this is not relevant for practicing team strategies, aim training is a fundamental aspect of enhancing your performance in any FPS and even more in VALORANT, a game that demands pinpoint accuracy and quick reactions. Superior aim can often be the difference between winning or losing an intense firefight, making it essential for players striving to climb the ranks. It’s crucial because it not only improves your shooting accuracy but also reduces reaction times, heightens in-game spatial awareness, and bolsters your overall confidence during engagements. A well aimed vandal shot can determine if you win or lose the round.

      To engage in aim training, there are several methods you can employ. In-game, you can utilize VALORANT’s built-in shooting range to practice your aim against AI-controlled bots. Adjusting the bot difficulty, speed, and randomness can offer varied levels of challenge. Another effective method is using aim trainer software or platforms, which provide drills designed specifically to improve aiming proficiency across different FPS games. Aim Labs offers the best aim trainer we tried so far, and we are happy to recommend them.

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      Each training mode serves different needs and comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. Competitive Matchmaking provides high-stakes training similar to tournament conditions, while Verified Gankster Scrims offers an intense, structured environment akin to a training camp. 

      As your team advances towards the VALORANT Premier, bear in mind that it’s not just about how often you train, but also how you train. Use these insights to tailor a practice regimen that strikes a balance between skill development, strategy experimentation, and situational adaptability.

      GL HF