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How To Update Your Rank on Gankster

League of Legends
Rocket League

Dota 2

League of Legends, Rocket League, Dota 2

To update your rank, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the icon on the bottom left is set to the game you want to update your rank.
  • Click on ME. You will be prompted with three options: Settings, Help, Logout. Click on Settings
Click on ME
  • Once in the settings, hover over your username to reveal a popup with information about your rank, Champions, etc.
  • Press on the purple Update button next to Last Updated… to refresh the information.


  • Follow steps 1 & 2 above to reach your profile in Gankster
  • Press on the reload symbol next to Last Updated… to refresh the information.

Note: If you have just reached Immortal rank and your rank is not updating, please play 3-5 ranked games for your account to be eligible to update.